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How to send a fake location on WhatsApp

Send the Location false through WhatsApp sometimes is exceptionally tedious, although in many of these we have thought what the other person would think when they think that we do not want to show them our Location.

But calm, if you are one of those people who does not like to send their fake location to another person, you can use and follow our steps below so as not to do so and at the same time not raise any suspicion. For this reason, we bring you a quick and easy way to stimulate your location when you send it through WhatsApp.

fake location
Fake GPS

It is worth mentioning that this functionality was thought by himself WhatsApp to put an end to those annoying people who want to have us controlled at all times. By this, we mean wanting to know how to spend our Location continuously false.

Sometimes it would be best to delete and block these contacts, but what if we could not make that decision with some people?

But calm down, you can be totally and utterly calm because we have brought a quick and effective solution, in this way you can avoid anyone in terms of offering your Location actual at any time.

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On Computer Culture, We bring you some of the steps you must follow in this way, and with our help sharing your location on WhatsApp, it will no longer be a problem.

How to send a fake location on WhatsApp
How to send a fake location on WhatsApp

Send the fake location using the built-in simulator offered by Android itself

In WhatsApp, you can find two types of different ways to send your Location; in this way, you can attach the location of a place desired by the same search engine or send the specific location by using GPS from your device.

It should be noted that the point on the said map will appear with both options. We can notice a very noticeable difference, but what would it be? WhatsApp only offers the addresses searched through a web link and the location through GPS without accessing said URL.

To make you find yourself at a specific point on the map and evade your Location, and thus prevent the other person from knowing that private data, you will have the option of creating a false location on your Android device.

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Then you have to attach it in WhatsApp, just as if it were your actual Location. Rest assured, this process is not complicated. It allows you to send a Location false, and this is sent as if it were the actual Location real, but yes, without the web link.

You can be calm since no one will know if that is the specific point on the map and if it is true or not.

Next, we will explain the steps to send a Location. You must follow the following process.

Step 1:

As a first step, you must activate the developer settings on your Android device by simply going to the settings, clicking on the “About my phone” option.

It should be noted that you must press at least 10 times on its compilation number.

Step 2:

Proceed to install the “Fake GPS” application. This allows you to trick other applications into believing that you are in a Location different.

Step 3:

Look at the developer settings and look for the “Simulated Locations” menu. At that point, you have to select the application you downloaded, “Fake GPS.

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Step 4:

Opening the application, you will only have to give it permissions regarding the access of different files. You will only have to choose the location of the place you want on the same map.

Step 5:

Press on the Play icon, which is located below and to the right, and then you will notice that the application will simulate the Location, the same that you have marked.

How to activate fake location on WhatsApp with fake gps?
How to activate fake location on WhatsApp with Fake GPS

Step 6:

After obtaining the Location, you will have to access WhatsApp as it is always done; from the same click and application icon, your location is already chosen.

Step 7:

When you want to stop all the simulations, you have to go back to the Fake GPS, And click on the Pause icon, located at the bottom and left.

Keep in mind that every time you want to send one Location false, you have to follow the process that we have already explained. Remember that each of the steps is important and must be followed to the letter.

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