How to rewatch Apple’s Spring 2021 event

Apple has long held an event in the spring, usually in March. There was a lot of speculation about the date of this year, and it finally took place this Tuesday, April 20.

If you have missed it live or want to relive it, you have it as easy as watching the video above. To see it directly from the Apple website or from any device of the company, read on.

When and where was Apple’s Spring 2021 event held?

A few days ago, Apple confirmed that the spring event would be held this Tuesday April 20th. In fact, Siri had already leaked it shortly before that, when asked about the next Apple event, the voice assistant answered that it would be that day.

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The Apple Event has taken place at Apple Park in Cupertino, California, but it has been a virtual event as expected. The broadcast started at 10:00 local hours, when in Spain it was 7:00 p.m.

Previously, it was thought that the Apple Event in spring would take place in March. Mark Gurman ruled out March 16, so we thought it could be March 23, but in the end it was a month later.

How to rewatch Apple’s Spring 2021 event on PC or Mac

To see the Apple event again from your Windows 10 computer or laptop you will need to access the page of streaming from Microsoft Edge, while on your Mac or MacBook with macOS Sierra 10.12 or later you must use Safari.

How to rewatch Apple’s Spring 2021 event on iPhone or iPad

Apple ensures that its presentations are best experienced through iPhone, iPad or iPod touch if the page of streaming from Safari and if you have an iOS 10 or later device.

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How to rewatch the Spring 2021 Apple event on Apple TV

You can also relive the event from your Apple TV if you have a second-generation or later model that has the latest installed software Apple TV or tvOS. There is no longer a dedicated app for Apple Events, but it will not cost you to see it anyway.

How to see Apple’s Spring 2021 event again in other browsers

If you do not have any of the recommended web browsers above, Apple recommends viewing their events page in the most recent versions of Google Chrome and Firefox, although you will need support for MSE, H.264 and AAC.

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