Did you know that to make one selfie Speculating – that is, like the reflection of a mirror – is not necessary to do it with the rear camera? In effect, there are at least two ways to stop your self-portraits from reversing automatically.

Surely it has happened to you too: you think you have achieved the selfie perfect when, when checking the final result, you can’t help but pout when you see that the image has been flipped horizontally.

Read on to find out why this happens, but also how to take a selfie without being reversed and how to reverse it once you’ve done it. In addition, consult the best photo editors so that the results are spectacular.

Why is the image reversed when you take a selfie?

You may not believe us, but the truth is that, in reality, selfies They are not invested when you make them, but they are “reinvested”. That’s right: the photos that are actually reversed automatically are those that you take with the rear camera.

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Before selfies were invented, the majority of times we saw our own faces were through mirrors and other reflective surfaces. That means that over the years we have become accustomed to a very specific self-image.

With the arrival of the revolution of the selfiesOn the other hand, this vision of ourselves has changed a bit, since the selfies do not show a mirror image, but the image that we would see in the mirror inverted horizontally.

But why do we see a mirror image in the app when we make a selfie? That is because technology companies want to make the user experience more peaceful and, therefore, show them that reflection that is expected and to which they are accustomed.

When you hit the shutter, the camera no longer feels the need to show you a mirror-like image. The result is closer to what the camera “has seen” and the photo is “reverted” to its original composition.

And why don’t they show us the correct image from the start? We are so used to the reflection of the mirror that it would take time to normalize the fact, for example, that when raising the left arm, the one on the right moved on the mobile.

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Likewise, it would be somewhat strange for selfies end were not “reinvested”, since otherwise they would be completely contrary to the photos that others take us with a photographic camera or with the rear camera of their smartphone.

However, if you have come this far it is because you surely want to get mirror images with your iPhone, whatever the theory and logic behind the iOS photo system. You can do it with the help of apps from external developers.

How to take a non-inverted selfie on iPhone

To make a selfie not invested in your Apple device, we present the mobile application @Espejo, downloadable for iPhone or iPad from the App Store completely free, although it offers in-app purchases.

As its name suggests, this app works like a mirror and there are even those who use it to touch up before arriving at work and as a substitute for the pocket mirrors that come in handy before an important meeting.

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When you open the application, you will not see many differences between its camera and the one that is integrated into your iPhone or iPad. Touch on the trigger and you will see that the result actually preserves the typical reflection of a mirror.

How to reverse a selfie on iPhone

It may be that, for various reasons, you prefer to take the photos first with your iPhone’s camera or that you want to reverse one selfie What did you do to yourself a while ago? To do this, you will have to use any app that has the horizontal investment option.

At Macworld, we recommend the free app Adobe Photoshop Express. Among its many features, you will find a section dedicated to the functions to crop and change the proportions of images.

In it, you will see an icon made up of a vertical line and two triangles positioned in such a way that one is the reflection of the other. This will allow you to horizontally invert your selfie, that you have uploaded from your photo gallery or that you have taken with the app’s camera.

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