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How to restore and recover Windows

Restore and recover Windows With the help of these tools, in many cases it is a salvation, much more when we must battle against these annoying random locks, boot failures, error messages and that annoying blue screen that is part of Windows.

In the event that these are some of the errors that are present in your life, we will show you some tools that you cannot miss, in this way and with their help you can restore and recover Windows.

How to restore and recover Windows
How to restore and recover Windows

It should be noted that all these tools that we will show you have helped many users, since thanks to these you could be a quick trip to recovery, and not have to go to expensive repair shops for computers.

Do you want to know more about these new tools? Be yourself who I achieved restore and recover Windows quickly and easily, remember to follow each of our steps and recommendations.

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Tools to restore and recover Windows Don’t let anyone tell you!

The tools that we will show you next, are the best in their work, and they do not require much from you to be able to fulfill their objective of restore and recover Windows.

Hiren’s BootCD PE x64

Hiren BootCD is still one of the best tools for restore and recover Windows, It should be noted that this stopped receiving updates for the year 2012; But today, there are a number of fans of this tool who update the disk with a series of improved recovery utilities.

Hiren’s objective is based on repairing Windows systems, it must be taken into account that this tool is the best at what it does, since it contains a series of incredible utilities, such as:

  • Malware and rootkit detection.
  • Antivirus scan.
  • Temporary file cleaners.
  • Backup of data and drivers.
  • Hardware analysis.
  • Partition analysis.
  • Image creation and saves.
  • It even offers password crackers too.
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Besides that he also has Hiren’s option to re-flash your BIOS and even if you want to, clear your CMOS if necessary.

How to restore and recover Windows
How to restore and recover Windows

Kyhi’s Recovery Drive

This tool to achieve restore and recover Windows, It is nothing more than a custom Windows 10 PE environment, but yes, in this case the user of TenForumKyhi has managed to develop a Windows 10 PE environment filled with many system recovery and restore tools.

But what are these tools that we are talking about? Well, then we are going to detail it:

  • Elimination of malware and antivirus.
  • Disc repairs.
  • Partition manager and scanners.
  • Tools for remote viewing and VNC.
  • Image backup and recovery.

Regarding the recovery environment, we will observe that it is almost the same as that of Windows 10; achieving in this way that you can restore and recover Windows quickly.

The Ultimate Boot CD

In the same way as Hiren, he solves Windows and Linux problems with a large number of utilities that we cannot pass up.

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In addition to that, the objective that he possesses the ultimate boot CD It is nothing more than consolidating as many diagnostic tools as possible, something that their manufacturers have been too close to achieving.

Keep in mind that this is totally free, so you can download it without having to pay absolutely anything, in terms of its utilities for restore and recover Windows, we show it to you below.

  • It is useful for troubleshooting any error dashboard problems with the help of drive cloning and data recovery tools.
  • Hardware testing.
  • Partition scanning and many other system repair tools.

Although there are many other tools that can help you restore and recover Windows, In this post we have only liked the most used and important ones today.

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