There are many users who ask themselves daily how to reset Windows 11In many cases, this process must be carried out due to problems with some applications, or simply after updating Windows 10.

Since it is a more common problem than it is believed, since it does not manage to obtain the yield that is suitable; Microsoft understands that point, for that reason the how to reset Windows 11 It is a point that will help you to put an end to these problems.

How to reset Windows 11
How to reset Windows 11

As time goes by, users install and uninstall applications, which causes a large amount of data to be stored or even make changes to the settings. These changes gradually cause the speed and performance of the computer to be mitigated.

Such reasons make knowing how to reset Windows 11 look like a solution, resetting your device will help keep your storage and installed applications more organized.

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When we refer to how to reset Windows 11, We refer to eliminating all the content of the hard disk, and therefore the configurations applied by the users (us).

Do you want to know what are the most used methods to reset Windows 11? Look no further, in this post we group you the best options for how to reset Windows 11.

How to reset Windows 11: The steps you must follow if you want to solve this problem

How to reset Windows 11
How to reset Windows 11

You already know some of the benefits for which you should know how to reset Windows 11, Now we will show you the two fastest and most efficient ways to do it; For this reason, you must follow each and every one of the steps that we offer below.

From the configuration of the same equipment

The easiest way to how to reset the system in Windows 11It is through the use of the tool integrated in the configuration application, which is offered by the system.

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For that you just have to open it and access the section “system”. Scroll through the list of options and choose “Recovery”.

Reset windows 11
Reset Windows 11

Step 1:

As part of the first step, you just have to proceed to click on Reset the device.

Step 2:

On the screen you will be able to see a screen a pop-up window. It shows two options. The first of these is to keep my files, which resets the computer without deleting your documents, your photos or your videos.

On the other hand, for its part, it completely deletes all the content of the disc. If your intention is to achieve a much more thorough cleaning of your computer, use the second option.

Otherwise, you may not be able to free up disk space and therefore some errors may still remain.

Step 3:

When you continue with this process, two options will appear again, the first is the cloud download. Choose if you want to install a copy of Windows 11 downloaded from the same servers that it offers Microsoft.

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The main advantage of this is that in turn you will have the possibility of obtaining the latest update available.

The second is Local Reinstallation. In this case, it uses the version installed on the computer to reset it, there is no doubt that this is the fastest way to excuse me reset Windows 11.

With the help of the Advanced Start

Windows 11 offers a very simple menu accessible during startup, which offers you the option to reset the computer in case it is not able to start the operating system.

The result is practically the same as in the previous case, the only difference is that you do not need access to the operating system to restore it.

You just have to press the F8 key during startup; simple steps and they don’t take a lot of your time.

These are the two easiest options in terms of how to reset Windows 11, so you can get rid of some problems that are linked to the same system of your computer.

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