How to reset Apple Watch without iPhone if you forgot your unlock password?

My wife’s iPhone was stolen, and the Apple Watch remained attached to it. How do I reset my watch to factory settings for pairing with another smartphone if I forgot my unlock password?

There are two ways to reset Apple Watch without an iPhone: through the menu and the charging station. In the first case, you need to go to the Settings – General – Reset menu and select content removal. However, to confirm the action, you will have to enter the unlock password.

The second method is a little more complicated, but it will help if you forgot your Apple Watch password.

1. Connect Apple Watch to the charger.

2. Hold the side button as if turning off the gadget.

3. Press down firmly on the disconnect slider, but do not move it to the side.

4. In the reset menu that opens, click the Delete content and settings button.

The watch will be reset and ready to be paired with another iPhone.

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