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How to remove unwanted apps on Android

if you have a phone google-pixel this tutorial is not for you, otherwise keep reading about how to remove unwanted apps on our Android phone.

If your phone is not a Pixel, it will surely come with many Applications “garbage” that only serve to occupy space and memory of our device, then in this tutorial we will teach you how to how to remove apps from your Android phone.

Remove unwanted apps on Android
Remove unwanted apps on Android

Remove unwanted apps on Android

All those unwanted applications are known as bloatware, which come installed on mobile devices, supposedly to offer a better user experience.

Fortunately today Android allows its users the possibility of getting rid of all those applications that come pre-installed, to achieve it, you just have to follow this step by step tutorial.

Uninstall vs Disable

Before continuing you have to understand that there are two methods on Android to get rid of an application, the first is the uninstall of the applications that we ourselves have installed through the Google store, the second is disabling certain application, in this case we cannot remove it completely, since it comes pre-installed in the ROM Of the device.

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A disabled app is still technically installed on your device, however, but it cannot be run and will not appear in your app drawer.

For all intents and purposes, the app is gone. To disable an application does not require root access or any type of complicated procedure, since to achieve it we will have to use a function integrated into Android.

How to disable android apps

The easiest way to remove bloatware from your Android phone is to head over to the Application Manager:

  • Open Settings -> Apps
  • Select the app you want to remove
  • You will see two buttons: Force Stop and Disable (or Uninstall)
  • Tap Disable (or Uninstall)
  • Select YES
Remove unwanted apps on Android
Remove unwanted apps on Android

Yes, that’s a good idea! Force Stop App and Clear Data while you are in Application Manager, that way we will erase any data stored through the application.

If for some given case you want to reactivate the application, we just have to go to the Task Manager and click on «Enable» and the application will come to life.

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While it is true, there are phones that come with a customization layer that allows you to delete or disable applications from the same application drawer, we simply press the application and a menu will be displayed where it will show us options such as Select, Add to start, Uninstall and widget.

Logically if we want to delete we just have to press on Uninstall or disable if that’s the case.

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