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How to recover the speed of a slow computer

Is your laptop or computer slow? We will explain how to recover the speed of your slow computer so that it is much more efficient when using it.

We will mention simple processes to improve the optimization of your PC. This typical fast problem in malware, a lot of applications that start when executing the OS or simply your computer is already old and obsolete. We invite you to follow all our tips on how to make your laptop or PC faster. You will see results from the first moment!

1. Eliminate all those applications and programs that you no longer use

Many times we have the habit of downloading an application or game on our computer and we use it only once; If your computer is slow, it is time for you to eliminate all those applications that are not necessary.

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slow computer Uninstall programs
Uninstall programs

To do this you must go to the Windows Settings and click on the option Applications, will direct you to the category of Applications and Features Without the need to go to another place, you will see all the applications installed on your laptop or PC. Find and identify an application that is not necessary, click on it and click on the box uninstall.

Note: only uninstall those applications that you have installed and do not need, since there are some that are essential for the operation of the operating system.

2. Deactivate the automatic start of those applications that you do not need

There are many applications that start automatically when the operating system is running; having too many start can delay the start of the team.

To avoid this problem and improve the performance of our computer, you should go to the task manager by right-clicking on the taskbar or using the direct access Ctrl + Alt + Del and select the task manager option.

slow computer
Disable the start of programs

While in the task manager window, click on the option more details. Click on the Home category at the top of the window. There will be a list of all the applications that start when the operating system is running.

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You can see two important columns, State This indicates which application will start automatically and which will not, in addition to the start impact which causes an application to boot when the operating system starts.

Disable programs
Disable programs

With these two columns to know which application to disable, you just have to select it and press the option To disable. By doing this with those applications that generate a high impact, you will be able to improve the startup of your computer.

3. Run an analysis to see if your PC is free of malware.

It is possible that your laptop or PC is very slow due to malware or viruses; To solve this we go to the antivirus you have installed or simply to Windows Defender.

To perform an analysis from Windows Defender you must go to Windows Settings and press the Update and security option, followed by clicking on the Open Windows security.

This will direct you to the main Windows Defender window and press the shield icon which is the option to Protection from viruses and threats.

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Once you are in this section, you must click on Quick test to perform the analysis on the computer, identifying and eliminating the malware or virus in order to speed up my PC.

4. Dust off This will keep your computer from slowing down!

These are other more typical causes, the accumulation of dust on the components makes the computer go slow. That is why we recommend that you go to your preferred technician for a deep cleaning of the motherboard of your laptop or computer.

5. Improve hardware to optimize your PC

Upgrading the hardware is a good option; it can be good for you to switch to a record hard SSD with storage capacity or also increase the RAM for optimize PC at the time that several applications are running at the same time.

In the case of a desktop computer, you can install a Graphic card in the event that the low performance is due to the games.

But if the problem is caused by having a slow and old computer, you should change as soon as possible to a more current one.

These are the most common solutions to regain speed and speed up your pc to the max.

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