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How to record Windows 11 screen without installing programs

Record Windows 11 screen It is extremely simple with the help of the “game bar” provided by Windows 11 itself, known by many users as Xbox Game Bar.

Although this application was created from the beginning, and as its name has already told you, its main objective is to be used while we run any kind of video game.

Record Windows 11 screen
Record Windows 11 screen

But yes, this does not mean that we can use it to record other kinds of things while we are using it. In this way, it becomes a useful tool to create videos that capture all the actions that we are carrying out on our computer screen.

It is worth mentioning that since it is designed for all those video games that are usually played in full screen, Xbox Game Bar will only offer us the option of record Windows 11 screen with a single application.

In addition, we will not be able to include the desktop as part of the background, but yes, for everything else it would be an incredible tool without depending on third-party applications.

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If you are looking for a way to record Windows 11 screen Without the help of third-party applications, stop looking, this is the right article for you.

Follow the steps that we will show you below, and you will see that in a few seconds you will be able to record Windows 11 screen in the easiest way possible.

Steps you must follow to record the Windows 11 screen

Below we will explain in detail all the steps you must follow, in order to record Windows 11 screenThey are simple steps but they offer great results.

Step 1:

First you must run the application you want to record, and when its window is fully active; You must display the Xbox Game Bar by pressing the Windows + G keys on your keyboard at the same time.

Step 2:

You will be able to see the bar on your screen as well as other types of floating widgets, which correspond to many other functions that the same bar offers you.

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It should be noted that the only function that interests us to be able to record Windows 11 screen It is the one that bears the name “Capture.”

Step 3:

We can start with the screen recording with only from the Capture Widgets encryption controls, or also simply by pressing the Windows + Alt + R keys.

In the event that you want the video to contain audio as well, you will have to press a combination of keys, which would be:

Step 4:

While the tool is recording Windows 11 screen, we will be able to appreciate a floating barrier that offers us the option of activating or deactivating any feature of our liking

When we have finished recording, we just have to press the “Stop” option, among many others.

Step 5:

After finishing your recording, you will notice that a notification will appear as to whether you want to observe the click you have recorded.

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If we click on it, the Windows explorer will open a folder called “Captures” within the “Videos” folder.

What did you think of the steps to be able to record screen Windows 11? As you may have already noticed, they are simple and easy steps.

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