Record screen in Windows 10 It is extremely easy without the need for extra programs, so that they do it in a much easier way we will teach you how to do it with the game bar that Windows 10 offers.

As its name has already indicated to you, the game bar is mainly intended to be used in games of video games, but that does not mean that it cannot be used in any other type of game. Applications. It is worth mentioning that among its available tools, whether for games or not, the option to record screen in Windows 10.

Windows 10 Game Bar
Windows 10 Game Bar

In this way you will not have to download third-party applications, carry out those complicated configurations and go through multiple other factors.

To achieve record the screen of your computer with Windows 10, We advise you to follow all the steps that we offer below.

In addition to that, remember that the steps that we show you below are extremely easy, in this way you will be able to enjoy this option in a more efficient and faster way.

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What are you waiting for record screen in Windows 10? With the help of LogMod you can do it quickly.

Follow these and learn how to record screen in Windows 10

As we have already mentioned before, you will not have to use any third-party application; but you will use the game bar, the same one that offers you the option to record screen in Windows 10.

Next we will explain the steps, remember to follow each of these to the letter.

Step 1:

To access the option record screen in Windows 10 on your computer, you must press on the Windows key followed by the letter G.

It should be noted that Windows automatically detects when you are in game mode, for this reason you should, if not, you must confirm that it is a game, confirming “If it is a game”.

Step 2:

In case you need it, you can activate the microphone, this in case you are recording a video and it is necessary that your voice appears in it.

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Step 3:

When you have all the settings ready to use, you will have a maximum of three seconds, then proceed to record screen in Windows 10.

However, you must bear in mind that the screen recording mode is linked to a single application, so it will not record other types of applications.

How to record Windows 10 screen
How to record Windows 10 screen

Step 4:

While you are recording your computer screen, you will notice the presence of the floating option bar, it will show you the recording time, as well as the options to deactivate the microphone and even change the location of the controls.

After finishing the recording, you just have to click on the “Stop” option.

Step 5:

When you are done with your recording, proceed to open the application Xbox Windows to show you the video you just recorded.

At this point you can reproduce it to see how it has been, with this method record screen on Windows 10 it has never been easier.

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What are you waiting to try? Follow our steps and you will see the ease and speed of doing it.

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