How to Recognize Playing Track on iPhone and Find It on Spotify.

The streaming service Spotify is gaining popularity.

If you have already chosen the “green player” instead of Apple Music or Google music, now we will teach you how to quickly recognize the tracks being played and search for them in the streaming service.

How to set up Spotify to recognize and search for tracks?

1. Install the free application Quick commands from the App Store.

2. Go to Settings – Quick commands and activate the Unreliable commands switch.

3. Download a quick command to recognize and search for tracks.

4. At the first launch of the command, access the microphone and access to the network.

5. Open the command and click on the three dots in the upper right corner to go to its parameters.

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6. Select the item Add to Home Screen, specify a suitable name and icon.

We get a quick command to recognize and search for music and an icon to launch it on the smartphone desktop.

How to Quickly Recognize Music and Find It on Spotify

To do this, it is enough to run the command just added while playing any track. You can do this from the Quick Commands app, using a new shortcut on the desktop, or even set up a command to run using Siri.

The music to be found can be played on any external source or on the iPhone itself. The main thing for accurate recognition is to turn up the volume and not interfere with the application for a few seconds.

The track will be automatically found in the Spotify app. Of course, it must be installed on the smartphone.

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