How to Quickly Mute Microphone on Mac for All Applications?

I use several instant messengers on my Mac to chat with clients. Each application mutes the microphone differently. Is there a way to quickly mute the microphone at the system level or using a third-party app?

The easiest way is to use a third-party application to make sure the microphone is turned off at the right time. It will turn it off for all programs and the system at once and will also be able to inform about the state of the microphone.

How to set up microphone mute on Mac?

1. Download the free Push To Talk utility from GitHub.

2. Unpack the archive and transfer the program to the Applications folder.

3. Run the utility and, if necessary, configure it to start automatically at system startup.

This application will display the microphone status in the menu bar. You can turn the microphone on or off in a couple of clicks.

Also, the application can enable or disable the microphone when you press the Fn key. Mode change is carried out by double-clicking on the icon.

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As a result, you can use the Fn button to turn on the microphone and temporarily mute it temporarily. You can turn off or turn on the microphone through the icon in the line without holding a key.

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