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How to quickly delete all images from a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet

To delete multiple images from your Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, you don’t have to select each image individually and delete it. Excel has an option to remove all images from your worksheets at once and we will show you how to use it.

Delete multiple images at once in Excel

In Excel, you can use the Go To Special function to select all objects (including pictures) in your worksheet. Then hit Delete to delete all your images at once.

Note that this also removes other objects from your spreadsheets, including any charts you’ve added.

To start deleting your images, first open your spreadsheet with Microsoft Excel. At the bottom of your spreadsheet, click the worksheet where you want to delete all images.

Select a worksheet in Excel.

In the excel ribbon at the top , click on the «Home» tab.

Click on the tab

On the “Home” tab, in the “Editing” section, select “Find and select”.

Please select

In the “Find and Select” menu, click on “Go to Special”.

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A “Go to special” window will open. Here, enable the “Objects” option and click “OK”.


Excel will select all objects (including images) in your current worksheet. To delete these selected items, press Delete on your keyboard.

Press Delete on the keyboard.

And that is. All images (and objects) are now removed from your worksheet.

All deleted images from an Excel spreadsheet.

In this way, you can also delete all images at once in Microsoft Word.

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