How to place images behind or in front of text in Google Docs

When you create a document where images are key components, their location in relation to the text is important. Google Docs allows you to place text over an image or place text behind the image.

Google makes this feature very easy to use. It is as simple as wrap text around an image . Open your document in Google Docs and click on your image to select it.

When selecting your image, a small toolbar is displayed below it. This is the fastest place to make this adjustment. On the left side of the toolbar, you have five placement options. The two on the right allow you to place the image behind the text or in front of the text.

Click behind the text or in front of the text

If you plan to make additional adjustments to your image and want to use the Image Options sidebar, these locations appear there as well. Click on More Options (three dots) on the right of the toolbar and select “All Image Options”.

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Click on the three dots and choose All Image Options

Expand the Text Wrapping section in the sidebar. You will see the “Behind the text” and “In front of the text” options.

Expand the text wrap and choose Behind Text or In Front of Text

You can then move your image or text to get the right look.

Image behind and in front of the text in Google Docs

Please note that the location of this image and text is transfers when download your document from Google Docs as a file Word or PDF.

Image behind text from Google Docs to Word

For more help with photos and images in your documents, take a look at how to add captions to images in Google Docs .

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