Today there are many methods with which we can make different payments, thanks to the collaboration of the different banking entities. The last method that is becoming very fashionable is the Bizumwhich allows users to send money instantly.

For those who are not familiar with the Bizum termis a payment provider in Spain that, thanks to the collaboration of banking entities, users can send and receive money instantly.

How to make a Bizum from WhatsApp
How to make a Bizum from WhatsApp

How to make a Bizum from WhatsApp

Before continuing with this little tutorialif you wish perform Bizum from the WhatsApp messaging applicationthen you will have to install the new keyboard that has been developed by the BBVA bank, which will allow us to carry out the procedure of sending and receiving money from the messaging application.

Once the application that we mentioned above is installed, then we only have to perform the following steps:

  • The first thing is to activate the Bizum function in our BBVA application. When we do this step, we only have to confirm the phone number and the associated bank account, in this way we can synchronize our data.
  • Now let’s go install the BBVA Cashup application that is found within the Bizum function, it is precisely in the section Do you want to send money while chatting?.
  • Now, when you already have the keyboard activated, then we go to WhatsApp.
  • When we are already in WhatsApp, then we select the chat to which we will send the money, but not without first enabling the BBVA keyboard. You find it in the settings of your current keyboard, we just have to go to “Select keyboard”, there the keyboards that we have installed on our device will appear.
    • We just have to select BBVA Cash-up.
  • Now you enter the amount to send.
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Finally, we only have to confirm the access code to our bank and the confirmation pin that will arrive via SMS to our device.

If you have questions about activating the BBVA Cashup keyboard, you can visit this link BBVA.

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