If you have come this far, it is because you are really looking for the solution to your problem. How to find out which program makes your Windows 10 PC slower. As users of Windowswe must always be aware of the programs that run in the background and that consume the resources of our computer in a discriminated way.

Generally we will always have programs that run in the background, but they are necessary for our PC to work properly, but there are others that should not be loaded in memory or in our processes. CPUs.

Programs slow down my Windows 10 PC
Programs slow down my Windows 10 PC

How to know what program makes my PC go slow

The first thing to consider is the amount of Applications that we have installed on our PC, therefore, we recommend you only have the ones that are really needed. Keep in mind that the applications that we install and do not use, even if you do not want to, occupy resources of our devices, resources that we can allocate to perform other tasks.

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If you have already uninstalled all those applications that you do not use and continue with your computer with Windows 10 slow, then we are going to go one step further to determine what is the application that is causing this problem on our device, for this we have to do the steps below:

  • We start the File Manager either by the following procedures:
    • Control + alt + delete
    • control + shift + escape
    • Windows + R then we write Taskmgr

When the Task Managerwe will be able to see first-hand which applications are making our computer slow down.

In this case, as you can see (top image), Google Chrome is one of the applications that consumes more resources, you can see in the column CPU and Memory the amount you use on our computer. In the event that you see an application that consumes more than normal, then we simply have to right click on it and then end task.

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In this way you can eliminate all those applications that cause slow down your pckeep in mind that this procedure will only free your PC at that moment, since if you restart it the application will reload, therefore, if you do not use it, it is best to permanently uninstall it from our device.

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