How to install Windows 11 in a virtual machine

With the upcoming release of Windows 11 just around the corner, surely many professionals and companies are eager to get down to business and examine the new features that come with Microsoft’s brand new operating system.

In the current state of Windows 11 development, however, the most interesting thing to do tests on this OS is to install it on a virtual machine. In this article we will tell you step by step everything you have to do so that the installation of the new Microsoft is a success.

VMware makes it easy for you

The first thing we have to do to virtualize Windows 11 on our computer is to download and install VMware Workstation Player, one of the most popular hypervisors on the market since it allows us to virtualize practically any operating system completely free of charge. Before we get down to work, we must also meet two basic requirements: have a Windows 10 ISO image and its corresponding product activation key.

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Taking into account that we meet all the requirements, we will run VMware Workstation Player and click on the option “Create a new virtual machine”. We will select the option “Windows 10” and we will follow all the steps, specifying that we want our virtual machine to have 4GB instead of the 2 Gb that the program offers us by default.

Once the installation is finished (it will take a few minutes), we will have to log into Windows 10 using a valid Microsoft account, so if we have only used a local account so far, it is time to create a new one.

As you can see, what you now have on your screen is the classic Windows 10-based desktop that you have used so far. Let’s see below how to upgrade the computer to Windows 11.

Upgrading to Windows 11

In order to upgrade our virtual team to Windows 11, we must first join the Windows Insider program. In the “Start” menu of our virtual Windows 10 we will select Windows Settings “ and click on the option “Update and security”And, in the new screen, we will scroll until we reach the option“ Windows Insider Program ”.

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On this screen we must register as “Insiders” and when asked, we must opt-in in the Dev Channel, since he is the first to obtain the new versions of the operating system, the most advanced of all that Microsoft offers us to test the new features of its operating system. Once registered, we must restart our virtual machine to continue with the process.

When starting Windows 10 again, we will return to the previous menu Update and Security “and click on the button”Search for updates”. If we have done everything right, the tool will suggest that we download and install Windows 11. Easy, right?

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