HBO Max has become one of the streaming services most used worldwide, in this article we will show you the steps you must follow to install the application of HBO Max on a Fire TV of Amazon.

To carry out this task, it will be necessary that you have your mobile device or a tablet near. On the other hand, since its arrival to its millions of users worldwide, HBO Max has arrived with support and a series of applications, for many numbers of devices.


However at this point, at the moment it seems that Amazon’s Fire series has been left out; But you should not worry, since we offer you a fast and effective solution.

Is there a quick fix for this problem? The answer is yes, since in this post we will tell you exactly what you must do, for the application of HBO Max on your Fire TV and also on your device.

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At the same time, you will have the option to send files between the two, which will be very useful for you; since you will have to send the Apk file of the app HBO Max, to the same Fire to achieve the installation.

Are you ready to know the steps and enjoy all the content it offers HBO Max? You just have to follow the steps that we have for you.

HBO Max comes to your Fire TV Find out how to do it and the steps you need!

As part of the first step, we must start by downloading the program we need; so in this way, both on your Fire and on your Android device, you must install Send Files to TV.

Fire Send Files Installation

Same as for Android is available at Google playIn addition to that, it is also available in the application store of your Fire.

Then, you will only have to download the APK of the app from HBO Max for Android TV, the same whose latest version you will always find on the website of APK Mirror.

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It should be noted that to make the management of the APK itself much more comfortable, we advise you to install a file explorer on the Fire, as well as for example Google files.

When you have everything mentioned ready and in order, you can proceed with the following steps.

As the next step, you must open the Send Files to TV application on mobile and Fire; already on your mobile, you just have to choose the Send option, and on the Fire TV itself the Receive option.

Fire TV Install Send Files
Send APK file to Fire

What does that mean? That your mobile phone will become the data sender, and your television the receiver.

When performing this step, you will have to use the search engine to choose the APK of HBO Max and click on the send button.

Send APK file to Fire TV
Send APK file to Fire

Then when doing so, Fire will start to receive said file, and you only have to download it to the device to send it from the mobile through the Wi-Fi of your home.

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Fire TV can count on HBO Max now with the help of your device

After sending the file is finished, you will be able to exit that application, and then proceed to open the file’s explorer on the Fire.

In which, you will have to access the download folder of the internal memory of the device; and then proceed to click on the APK of HBOR Max and choose the Install option when its menu opens, and then proceed to install it on your device.

HBO MAX on Fire TV Amazon
HBO MAX on Amazon’s Fire TV

In addition to that first, you must give it permission to install applications from unknown sources, which is not a very difficult step to proceed.

To end this process, you can see the application already installed; sometimes you may notice a fault.

This most of all is because it has not been designed specifically for the Fire, but in general it should work correctly, since it does have an interface designed for an Android TV.

* If you have a problem with the procedure, you can write to us in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible.

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