Learn to install fonts in windows 10 It is an extremely simple way to personalize our computer and our documents, and it is also an easy task to do.

The newly installed fonts in Windows 10 will be available in the respective Microsoft Office applications, how Microsoft Word would be and in other Windows applications how it would be photoshop.

When you talk about install fonts in windows 10we can find a lot of them all over the internet, Google It will also offer us a large number of them and for free.

Install fonts in Windows 10
Install fonts in Windows 10

On the other hand, there are websites that will offer you premium fonts, keep in mind that most of these come in a Rar file, or in a ZIP file itself that contains the font files.

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Next, we will explain the steps you must follow to install fonts in windows 10.

How to install a font in file explorer?

First you will have to navigate to the downloads folder, of course you will have to download the fonts for windows 10 that they are to your complete liking.

For install fonts in windows 10 as quickly as possible, simply install them directly from the file by double clicking on them.

Extracting the fonts from the file is a simple task, click the right mouse button on your computer, and then click on the “Extract All” option.

After this, continue clicking on those fonts you want to install, press “Install” in the pop-up window and then the “X*” to close it.

However, when we proceed to install fonts in windows 10, downloaded packages have multiple versions of the source; such as bold or italics, click on each one to install them.

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In case you want to install all of them, just select them and look for the “Install” option, thus saving yourself a good amount of time.

How to install fonts in Windows 10 with the help of the fonts menu?

For install fonts in windows 10 You’ll need to navigate to the fonts menu, click Start, type “fonts” in the search bar, and then hit Enter.

Navigate to the downloads folder and proceed to right click, this will be the font file and click “Extract All”.

When a pop-up window appears, you will have to write the name of the folder where you want the extraction to proceed, or just click on continue and it will be done in the downloads folder.

Select each and every one of the fonts for windows 10 that you want to install, hold down the “Shift” key and click on the last source in this entire list.

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Whatever steps you take to install fonts in windows 10they will be instantly available to all the programs you have available on your computer.

You can download your preferred fonts on the website DaFont

What do you think about these steps? install fonts in windows 10? Give a different touch to your documents, with these fonts and the features they offer.

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