Microsoft yesterday released an update to its new operating system, specifically it is Windows 11 Build 22483 in which the company has corrected errors and introduced new functions, such as running Android applications on Windows 11.

Of course, the new update is only available on the Windows Insider Preview Channel, so if you are participating from now you can download and install it through Windows Update. Continuing with the theme of running Android applications on Windows 11, with the new compilation the Android subsystem to the new Windows that will allow us to install applications from the Amazon Store, it is worth mentioning that since it is not Google Play, the applications are quite limited.

Install Android applications in Windows 11
Install Android applications in Windows 11

Prerequisites for installing Android applications on Windows 11

  • Before continuing, in order to run the Android subsystem on Windows 11, your PC must have the latest build of the series and then meet the hardware requirements to get it.
  • Our PC must have virtualization enabled for the BIOS / UEFI, to achieve it you just have to follow this process. However, virtualization must also be enabled in Windows 11 optional features under Settings> Applications> Optional Features> Other Windows Features and enable Virtual Machine Platform.
  • It is also super important to be running the latest version of the Redmond store, in this case Microsoft Store version 22110.1402.6.0 or later.
  • It is also necessary that the region set on your PC must be in the US, you can do it manually through Settings> Date / time and language> Language and region> Country or region.
  • Our PC must be in the Beta channel (here you can register if you are not) and have an Amazon account based in the US to be able to use the application store in Windows 11.
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Install Amazon AppStore

Now we proceed to install the Amazon store, which is installed automatically in the Android subsystem for Windows.

  • We download the application Amazon AppStore
  • Follow the installation procedure and the steps for its configuration

Install the Windows subsystem for Android apps

If you can’t download the Amazon AppStore app, also can download the Subsystem from Windows to Android manually with this procedure:

  1. Download the Windows Subsystem package for Android
  2. Open PowerShell as administrators and copy paste this string changing username, folder path where you downloaded the file and file name and submit
  3. Add-AppxPackage -path C: Users username folder path filename . Msixbundle

Install Android apps

The Amazon AppStore application lets you download android apps and use them in Windows 11 thanks to the Windows Subsystem for Android. However, it is also possible to install the applications manually by downloading the apk packages that you can download for free from the Internet.

  • Download the Minimal tool ADB and Fastbook and install it
  • In the Windows subsystem settings for Android, enable the developer mode
  • Start the Windows Subsystem for Android with the appropriate button on the item File and wait for the opening
  • Start Minimal ADB and FastBook and in the command prompt type copy and paste the command adb connect and enter
  • Once connected, enter the command adb install pathapp appname.apk
  • The Android application will install successfully and will be available in the list of programs.
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