Windows 11 is the new version of Microsoft’s operating system, and with its arrival, certain functions that sometimes increase the consumption of RAM memory of the teams. Therefore, if you have a computer with little RAM, it is best to immediately disable these functions to improve its performance.

Next we will show you step by step how to improve RAM memory management on your Windows 11 PCSo let’s go there!

How to improve RAM memory in Windows 11
How to improve RAM memory in Windows 11

How to improve RAM memory performance in Windows 11

The first thing we are going to do is disable the icon Microsoft Teams that we can find in the taskbar of the new Windows. As we all know, Microsoft Teams is integrated into the new taskbar and allows users with personal accounts to start chats or video conferences and invite their friends to the platform.

How to improve RAM memory in Windows 11
How to improve RAM memory in Windows 11

But apart from the above mentioned, the Windows taskbar comes with another new feature called Widget Dashboardboth the latter and Teams and other functions are anchored in the taskbar, which may be a good idea to deactivate to improve the performance of the RAM memory of our device.

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These functions could be one of the causes of the high consumption of the RAM on Teams in Windows 11, as according to a former Microsoft employee, both widgets and Teams launch Edge WebView2 processes in the background and in some cases require a lot of resources to function properly.

For example, Windows 11 Widget function spawns WebView 2 processes only when you click your button and browse the feed. On the other hand, the Teams chat icon on the Windows 11 taskbar, which is the entry point for Microsoft Teams 2.0, could use up system resources without doing anything.

When the icon is pinned to the taskbar, it triggers web-related activities in the background during the login process. In applications like Process Exploreryou’ll immediately notice the app invoke up to nine processes tied to the Teams client.

Process Explorer
Process Explorer

Such is why the IT administrator, niehhausI mention that deleting the Teams icon will disable these processes WebView2 at the beginning.

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Disabling this may not show an immediate difference to your usage experience, but as you launch more apps or web apps, limiting the number of concurrent WebView 2 processes running in the background might come in handy.

To increase the performance of your operating system, simply right-click on the Widgets dashboard and the Teams icon and turn them off.

Nevertheless, there may be other bugs and features that affect the performance of our Windows 11 deviceso it might be a good idea to install the latest Windows 11 optional update, especially if your storage drive is slower than usual.

As we reported earlier, Microsoft has developed a suitable solution for the slow write speed of Windows 11 which is currently included in the optional upgrade.

Finally, if you don’t want to install the latest cumulative update for Windows 11, you can always wait for the big update that will have this operating system that will arrive this month.

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