The Windows 11 voice access It was launched a couple of weeks ago, which would be a new preview of Windows 11 “La Bulld 22518”, which offers us a huge change.

This new functionality offers us the possibility of being able to move between applications and within them, write e-mails, surf the Internet among many other options.

Windows 11 Voice Access
Windows 11 Voice Access

Of course, all this through what would come to be the command of Windows 11 voice access; As for its advantage, we can say that it would be for all users with disabilities that turn out to be obvious.

Although yes, we must emphasize that it turns out to be an extra comfort for the rest of the users who use Windows, since we are increasingly familiar with the voice assistants of smartphones, among others.

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On the other hand, because the processing of the commands is carried out through what would be within the same device, and not within the cloud.

Which is called “Edge Computing”, which ensures that we will not need a continuous connection to the Internet to make use of the Windows Voice Access 11.

In addition to being much safer in terms of our privacy, it is undoubtedly a tool with a lot of potential.

Keep reading this post and learn how to activate the new function of Windows 11 voice access! Enjoy everything it offers for you.

Windows 11 Voice Access Activate the commands and enjoy this new feature!

Below we will explain in detail the steps you must follow in order to enjoy the Windows 11 voice access, thanks to it you will be able to say goodbye to the keyboard and the mouse.

Step 1:

To access the Windows 11 voice access, We must go to “settings” then to the section of “Accessibility” and voice in the configuration menu of Windows 11 itself.

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It should be noted that we would have to press on the function switch so that the same system begins to be attentive to all the commands that the microphone of our computer captures.

Windows 11 Voice Access
Windows 11 Voice Access

Already after that moment, we only have to press simultaneously on the Alt + Shift + C fabrics, or just pronounce “Unmute” in order to start entering our commands.

As you will see, it is only a simple step, easy to carry out to be able to enjoy the new tool, called Windows Voice Access 11.

Stop Windows 11 voice access?

If you want to stop the Windows 11 voice access, You just have to say “Mute” or simply disconnect saying “Turn off voice access”.

In the event that what you want is to open or close an application, you just have to say “Open and the name of the app” or to close “Closet and the name of the app”.

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On the other hand, a “Go to” will offer us the option of putting it in the foreground if it was open.

There is no doubt that the voice access from Windows 11 it is an excellent functionality, looking to the future by voice control.

In addition to the fact that there are many other commands that will make our lives much easier, and to you, what did you think of this new functionality that Microsoft offers us?

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