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How to hide the notification icons from the status bar on Android

You may think that the only way to prevent apps from showing notifications in the status bar is to turn them off entirely. That is not true. You can “minimize” notifications so that they are only visible by expanding the Android notification shade.

Android offers many tools for adjust notifications . However, most of these methods come down to turning things on or off. “Minimized” notifications are not completely disabled, but appear much less prominently.

First, swipe down from the top of your device screen (once or twice depending on your phone or tablet manufacturer) and tap the gear icon to open the Settings menu.

Then select “Notifications”. It could also be called “Applications and Notifications.”

Then select notifications.

You will see an abbreviated list of your recently used applications. This will look different depending on your device. Select the option to expand the entire list.

Expand the list of recent applications.

With the full list open, find the app for which you would like to minimize notifications.

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Find the application for which you would like to minimize notifications.

You will then see the list of channels from notification . These are all the different types of notifications that the app uses. Select the channel associated with the type of notification you want to minimize.

Note: On some devices, you will need to select “Notifications” before viewing the Notification Channels.

Select the channel associated with the type of notification you want to minimize.

Now, select the “Mute” option at the top.

Now, select the Mute option.

Once you switch to Silent, the “Minimize” option will appear. Switch it on.

Activate the minimize switch.

Here’s an example of what a minimized notification looks like. Notice how the Google Fi icon is not in the status bar, but how the notification is visible in the “Silent” section when I expand the notification shade.

This is a little trick for those annoying apps that may distract you with notifications but aren’t important enough to completely block your life.

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