How to handle Messages and tagging in iOS 14 and iPadOS 14

The experience of handling group messages improved with the arrival of the versions of iOS 14 and iPadOS 14, but two of the best features are difficult to discover for yourself: reply to only one person within the group, and mention one or more. persons.

In a group chat in Messages, just press and hold a message and the usual variety of reply options will appear, including reactions. Tap ‘Reply’ and the message will appear in a kind of sandbox.

The rest of the messages in the group will be visually blurred and you will only see the person and the message you are replying to. You can write a reply and submit it. (To exit that mode without responding, just tap anywhere else on the screen.)

That answer now appears in a visually spun view in the transmission, as it happens with WhatsApp, but with the incentive that it will be an additional conversation, so that not everyone in the chat will be able to see it.

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You can also tag people in a message, which is useful in an active chat that they would not otherwise see, or if they have group chat muted, something that is often necessary when groups are very large and are actively communicating. .

You start typing his name, and when Messages finds a match, the name will change from black text to gray (it’s very subtle). You can also try typing an @ and following it with part of their contact name to see when a match occurs.

Tap on the gray text and the contact’s name will appear, which you can tap to select and which then turns the mention text you wrote into bold blue. If there are multiple potential matches, they will all appear and you can choose between them.

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