Apple introduced the new iPhone 13 series at the event last September 14 of 2021 and that means that with the new phones also arrive new wallpapers also known as wallpaper.

As usual with the introduction of a new generation of iPhone, Apple has created a series of new, colorful, abstract and exclusive wallpapers for iPhone 13.

Now, it is always possible to download these new wallpapers to use on your current iPhone from any previous generation. These wallpapers are installed by default on iPhone 13, but you don’t need to buy a new one to enjoy them.

You can download the new wallpapers and maybe fool someone into thinking that you already have the new model in your hands, now that the physical changes from the previous generation of iPhone 12 they are very subtle.

The download will start automatically (note that it only works on an iPhone). These wallpapers will also be available in iOS 15, but since it is not yet available, here we explain how to get them now!

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How to download the new iPhone 13 wallpapers

  1. This download will only work on iPhone, so click this link from your device.
  2. Confirm that you want to download ‘ “
  3. Click on ‘Download’.
  4. You will find the wallpaper in the ‘Files’ folder of your iPhone.
  5. Tap on the compressed file to unzip it.
  6. Now you will find all the wallpapers.
  7. Tap on a certain wallpaper that you like.
  8. Click on the ‘Share’ icon.
  9. Choose ‘Save Image’.
  10. Now open the ‘Photos’ App and locate the image.
  11. Press the ‘Share’ icon again. This time, choose ‘Use as wallpaper’.

This is all. If you want to know all the news that comes with iOS 15 Check out our special article in which we explain what the main news are.

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