How to get Apple TV + for free

In November 2019, Apple officially launched its first content service on streaming. With Apple TV +, the apple company wanted to compete with platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video or HBO.

One of the drawbacks of Apple TV + is that it does not have as wide an offer as its rivals, but instead it does have a cheaper price, with a monthly subscription of € 4.99. Still, you may prefer to pay nothing.

You want to see The Morning Show, See, Ted lasso or any other of its productions, in this article we will detail several methods that you can follow to enjoy the platform completely free of charge. Getting Apple TV + free is that easy.

On the other hand, we solve all your doubts in our article What free content is on Apple TV +?.

1. Free Apple TV Plus: Take advantage of the free trial period

The first option you have at your disposal is to take advantage of the free trial period that Apple offers to all new subscribers. Remember that this test only lasts seven days and that you must cancel your subscription on time if you don’t want to be charged.

This method is especially recommended for those who believe that all the chapters of that series they want to see can be finished in a week. We recommend that you make sure that all episodes are available before subscribing.

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2. Free Apple TV Plus: Buy an Apple product for 3 months free

This second option, although technically not completely free, will be the most convenient for those who are thinking of buying a smartphone or new laptop. Basically, if you buy a new Apple device, you will get 3 months of Apple TV + free (until now it was 1 year).

These are the devices that are included in the offer:

  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • iPod
  • Mac
  • Apple tv

If you purchased a device on or after September 10, 2019, you must follow the steps below to enjoy a free one-year subscription to Apple TV +.

1. Open the TV app on your new iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, or Mac.

2. Make sure your device has the latest version of the operating system installed.

3. Click on the series or movie you want to see and tap on the option that allows you to enjoy 3 months free. This option will only appear on new devices. On older ones, you’ll only see the free trial option.

4. Click ‘Continue’ and confirm that you want to activate the free year.

5. Finally, you should see a message that your 3 months free subscription has started. When it’s over, your subscription will automatically renew, so you’ll need to cancel it in time if you don’t want to continue using Apple TV +.

You should know that you can only activate your subscription during the three months following the purchase of the device. On the other hand, if at any time you pause the subscription, it will not be able to be activated again and you will have lost the free months that you had left.

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3. Free Apple TV Plus: Subscribe to Apple Music Students

Apple Music is the only Apple service that has a plan designed for students. Instead of paying the € 9.99 per month for individual accounts, students who can try it will pay only € 4.99 per month.

But in addition to saving on the company’s music platform, university students can get a subscription to Apple TV + completely free. In fact, by subscribe to Apple Music, students will also receive a subscription to watch series and movies.

4. Free Apple TV Plus: Access Apple TV + from your PS5

Apple and Sony have just announced a collaboration that will allow any PlayStation 5 user to access Apple TV + content from their console completely free of charge.

The promotion is available until July 22, 2022 and will give access to the platform of streaming from Apple for six months. Just open the TV + app on the PS5 and log in with an Apple ID.

Best of all, even those who bought the PS5 before the promotion was announced can take advantage of this offer. Obviously, those who buy one while it is in force will also be able to do so.

If, after those six months, you do not cancel the subscription, it will be automatically renewed and you will pay the € 4.99 per month it costs.

Spain and most Latin American territories participate in this promotion, but you can check the PlayStation website for more information.

5. Free Apple TV Plus: Share a subscription with your family

The fifth method that we want to recommend is the one that allows you to share a subscription with up to five other people in your family. The only thing you will need is to be part of the same group In family.

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Linking multiple Apple accounts using this feature allows you to share music purchased from the iTunes Store, music from Apple Music, applications purchased from the App Store, books from Apple Books, Apple Arcade games, News + subscription, and share a storage plan. iCloud.

A family member will be the organizer of the group, which means that they will have to create it, they can decide who is part of the group and who is not and they will also have to include their bank details for payments to be made.

Perhaps you are lucky enough to be one of the other five members of the family and you can escape paying for Apple TV +. Although it is technically designed for family members who live under the same roof, you can also share an account with friends.

6. Free Apple TV Plus: Apple One Subscription

A year ago, Apple announced Apple One: a nine service bundle from Apple that includes Apple TV +, but also Apple Arcade, Apple Music, and iCloud. This package is priced at € 14.95 per month.

Thus, you can save more than € 6 with the Individual plan or more than € 8 with the Family plan. But beyond the savings, it allows you to get Apple TV + for free (and the other three services) if you take advantage of the trial period.

Unlike the Apple TV + trial period, Apple One offers a full month of free service, so this should be enough to watch more than one series without breaking the bank.

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