The msdt.exe error it is a genuine file and it is nothing but a software component that belongs to the Windows 10 operating system, and we can locate it in the System32 folder.

You must be aware of finding it somewhere else in the system, it could possibly be a class of malwareand the best thing would be to scan it with the help of your antivirus.


The process highly known as “Diagnostic Assistant” and “Troubleshooting”, is also part of the components of Windows files.

In the event that the Windows Troubleshooter does not work correctly when you try to run it, the msdt.exe error.

Windows will not have access to the device, path or file, in this case you should test and follow the following recommendations.

  • Proceed to verify all the permissions of your user account
  • Run the troubleshooter from an administrator account
  • Run the same system file checker
  • Run DISM
  • Check all error log files
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Next in this post, we will talk about the msdt.exe error and the steps that you must follow for a prompt solution, and the details that you must take into account.

Steps to fix the MSDT.exe error once and for all

As part of the first step, you will have to verify the permissions of your user account, there you will have to see if you have local administrator rights on your computer.

To verify this, you will need to navigate to “Start” then “Settings” and “Accounts”, make sure to look at “Administrator” under your name.

Run the troubleshooter

Go to the “System32” folder and proceed to locate msdt.exe, click on it and check if you can run it as administrator; It works? or you see the following message:

  • Enter the password provided by support

It is worth mentioning that if you have the access code, do not hesitate to use it, otherwise you will have to contact your support staff or administrator.

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Run system file checker

To fix the msdt.exe error We will have to run the system file checker, in this way we can replace those damaged files.

After having finished all this process, we only have to restart our computer and that’s it!


Another step would be to run DISM to repair the System Image and also the Windows Component Store, and I just wanted to see if this last step helps to end the problem. error msdt.exe.

How could you have realized the steps you must follow to give a quick and effective solution, when msdt.exe error They are extremely easy to follow.

Just follow our recommendations and steps already mentioned above, and you will see that all this problem will be part of the past.

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