How to fix Mac freezes after installing OS X 10.11.4

After installing OS X El Capitan version 10.11.4, many Mac users began to experience random freezes of the operating system, as evidenced by the large number of posts on the Apple Support Forum. And while in the case of the MacBook, the problem can most likely be fixed by simply putting the laptop into sleep mode by closing the lid, then for iMac users, these freezes cause much more inconvenience.

Today we will consider the reasons for these freezes and carry out an independent software repair in the system. As a last resort, reinstalling Mac OS will help, but we will try not to come to that. MacBook and iMac, as you know, are not least distinguished by the stability of the operating system: OS X is optimized for specific hardware and comes with all the drivers necessary for stable operation, which makes it a reasonably reliable system.

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Unfortunately, even in OS X, there may be software errors that, under certain circumstances, can undermine the smooth operation of the system. In our case, the problem most likely lies in the Safari browser.

It should be noted that Safari is the leading and only problem of this kind. However, freezes do not appear in all cases, and their nature is still not completely clear. Nevertheless, suppose in OS X 10.11.4 or 10.11.5, the native browser crashes. In that case, this will most likely entail a chain of critical errors throughout the system: after Safari, the Finder stops responding, after which a sequential crash of all running applications.

These freezes can manifest themselves on any Mac and when performing any action in the browser, be it clicking on a link or launching a video. Of course, the most obvious solution to the problem is to ditch Safari in favor of Google Chrome or another browser. This method can be the most effective solution for those who want to protect themselves until the next system is updated fully. Apple already promises to include all the necessary fixes.

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However, we have another, no less effective method that will help eliminate crashes in the browser itself and, as a result, get rid of OS X freezes. A user shared this method with the nickname OSxdaily.

Before starting the operation, you should close all windows in the Safari browser and then do the following:

Step 1: Click on the “Safari” button in the top control menu and select “Preferences;


Step 2: Go to the “Security” section and uncheck the box next to the “Allow WebGL” option;


Step 3: Restart your browser completely.

Following the steps above should fix browser crashes, but keep in mind that this will disable any JavaScript-based 3D graphics. As such, it is recommended that you re-enable this feature as soon as Apple fixes system-level freezes.

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