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How to find which apps use the most memory on Android

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Many Android phones have a lot of memory these days, but not everyone wants to shell out the cash for them. Even if you do, you might be wondering which apps are consuming RAM. We’ll show you how to find out.

First, we will need enable hidden Android “Developer Options”. There are some useful features hidden here, including the ability to see which apps are using the most memory. Get it out of the way before continuing.

Then swipe down once or twice, depending on the phone, from the top of the screen to display the full Quick Settings menu, then tap the gear icon.

Scroll down to “System”.

Now select “Developer Options”.

Touch “Memory” to view RAM usage statistics.

You will see “Average Memory Usage” at the top of the screen. Scroll down a bit more and select “Memory used by applications.”

Here you will see the RAM usage by applications. You can adjust the time period with the drop-down menu at the top of the screen.

That’s all about it! Applications are ordered by the amount of memory they use, so applications more spend they will be at the top of the list. “Android operating system”, “Android system” and “Google Play services” will always be at the top. Scroll down to find the third party apps.

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