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How to find the mean in Microsoft Excel

Finding the mean is useful when processing and analyzing all kinds of data. With the AVERAGE function in Microsoft Excel, you can quickly and easily find the mean of your values. We will show you how to use the function in your spreadsheets.

How Microsoft Excel calculates the mean

By definition, the mean of a data set is the sum of all the values ​​in the set divided by the count of those values.

For example, if your data set contains 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5, the mean of this data set is 3. You can find it with the following formula.

(1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5) / 5

May write formulas like that yourself, but Excel’s AVERAGE function helps you perform this calculation with ease.

Find the mean using a function in Microsoft Excel

In our example, we will find the mean of the values ​​in the “Score” column and display the answer in cell C9.

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We will start by clicking on cell C9 where we want to display the resulting mean.

Click cell C9 in Excel.

In cell C9, we will write the following function. This function finds the average of the values ​​in all cells between C2 and C6 (both cells included).


Enter the AVERAGE function in cell C9 in Excel.

Press Enter and the result will appear in cell C9.

The resulting mean in cell C9 in Excel.

You can use the AVERAGE function to find the mean of any value in your spreadsheet. Enjoy!

Getting the mean will come in handy if you ever need Excel to calculate uncertainty .

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