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How to find charging stations for electric vehicles on Google Maps

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Electric vehicle charging stations are not as abundant as gas stations. They can also be more difficult to detect from the road. Fortunately, Google Maps makes it easy to find chargers for your electric car.

Add your plug type

Before you start looking for charging stations, you must tell Google Maps the type of plug that uses his ecological vehicle . This will ensure that you only find compatible chargers for your vehicle.

Open Google Maps on your iPhone , iPad or device Android . Touch your profile icon in the search bar and select “Settings.”

Go to settings.

Scroll down and select ‘Electric Vehicle Settings’.


Touch the plus icon for “Add plugs” and choose the plug type for your vehicle.

I touched

That’s all about it. Now Google Maps will know what type of charger you need.

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Find charging stations for electric vehicles

Open Google Maps on your iPhone , iPad or device Android . Scroll to the far right of the categories listed below the search bar and tap “More.”

Please select

Scroll down to the “Services” section. This will look slightly different on Android and iPhone, but you will see “Electric Vehicle Charging.”

Please select

A list of results will appear in your area. You can sort by relevance or distance, Open Now, Top Rated, and choose your plug type, which we already did before.

Results classification options.

The results themselves also include a lot of useful information. You can see the charging speeds and how many charging stations there are. Touch the directions icon to start navigating to the charger.

Navigate to a charging station.

Add charging stations for electric vehicles to the route

If you are already driving and need to find a charging station, you can simply add a stop to your existing navigation route. It works in the same way as adding a gas station, or any other stop, during navigation.

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All you need to do is follow the steps of our guide to finding gasoline on your route with Google Maps , but look for “Charging stations for electric vehicles »in its place. You will see results and can choose which charger to add to your route.

Add a charging station stop.

It may seem like the world still prefers gasoline vehicles, but it doesn’t have to be left out when it comes to Google Maps. Make sure to take advantage of all the features of Maps to maximize your trips.

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