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How To Extract Text from PDF using Automator?

Continuing to explore Automator, we came across an interesting thing – in the PDF section, there is a widget called “Extract text from pdf.” undoubtedly, it would be very convenient to automate copying text from pdf, and even do it yourself.

So, launch Automator (Go -> Programs -> Automator).

In the window that appears, select “Programs.” Go to the Finder tab and choose Get Selected Items from Finder. We do this to “feed” the pdf file to the program, from which it is necessary to extract the text.

Next, go to the Pdf-files item and select “extract text from PDF.” For convenience, put a checkmark “Formatted text (RTF)” and select where to save the RTF file.

We save.

Drag the required pdf file onto the program.

And we get the output .rtf files with text.

Open the file and see all the source text in a conveniently formatted form.

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