Attending to all the demands of its users and guaranteeing a much more pleasant experience on its platform, the WhatsApp messaging application allows you to exclude a specific contact so that they cannot see your time, profile photo and also the information in general.

After launching three new functions and many others for the beta option of WhatsApp, finally it’s time for it to offer the option to exclude a specific contact so that it cannot see your last connection and information in general.

Keep reading this article to find out about this new functionality that WhatsApp offers, in this way you will be able to control much more who sees your information.

Greater control over who can see all your personal information

To offer a much more precise definition, with the help of this new functionality allows all users the option to select a contact list We don’t want it to display the last hour of our connection.

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Undoubtedly a great measure that has been in constant growth, in turn present in the following versions:

  • for the last time.
  • for the profile picture.
  • for contact information.

As of today, the beta version is available and working through the privacy options in the same WhatsApp application. Next we are going to explain how you can download the beta version of WhatsApp, so in this way you can access this new functionality to exclude a contact that should already be available.

Exclude a contact on WhatsApp
Exclude a contact on WhatsApp

Step 1:

Proceed to download the beta option with the help of the link to install the APK, it is also important to note that you can access the beta option through the Google Play Store.

Step 2:

As a second step, go to the settings option, then to the account section and finally to the privacy settings.

Step 3:

At this point, you must click on the time of the last time, there you will see the option “my contacts except”.

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Follow these steps to the letter and you can exclude a specific contact, or, failing that, to many contacts at the same time.

Nevertheless, It should be taken into account that the person who we proceed to exclude a contact also stops seeing their last connection in WhatsApp, like your photo and all your information in general.

WhatsApp every day offers all its users new and better ways to achieve their security and discretion, this new functionality being part of this objective.

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