Windows 11 is the new version of Microsoft’s operating system, however, although it was already presented last year, there are native apps that still do not have the style of Fluent Design that characterizes the new version of Windows.

The last native application that is added to Fluent Design is the Task Manager, and believe it or not, it is already installed in Windows 11, but it is disabled. Next we will explain how to enable the new Windows 11 Task Manager.

New Task Manager in Windows 11
New Task Manager in Windows 11

Details of the new Windows 11 Task Manager

Before continuing, your computer must have the compilation 22538 that Microsoft made available to users in Windows Insider, in this version, the Redmonds are internally testing the new version of the application.

The new Task Manager designed with Fluent Design It has a much more modern and attractive design, but in addition to that, the new version is already compatible with the system’s dark theme.

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New Task Manager in Windows 11
New Task Manager in Windows 11

As you can see in the images, at the top of the Task Manager we will see a new bar where it will show us the main information of our computer, while the navigation between the different tabs moves to the left, within a hamburger menu.

As we have seen with the File Browser, the new Task Manager brings a mix of new and old library features WinUI.

As we mentioned at the beginning, the new application is being tested internally, it is not enabled for users of Windows Insiders, but it is possible to force the activation, so make yourself comfortable that we are going to tell you about it.

New Task Manager in Windows 11
New Task Manager in Windows 11

How to enable and test the new Task Manager in Windows 11

Before continuing we must warn that it only works for versions of Windows 11 Build 22538 or higher, do not try it in later versions.

If you have the mentioned version of Windows, then let’s proceed to enable the new version of the application.

  • We open the Task Manager
  • Download the tool ViveTool
  • Extract the contents of the file. ZIP to a folder, such as the ViveTool folder in Downloads.
  • Open Windows Terminal as administrator.
  • In the User Account Control window, click Yes.
  • Choose Command Prompt by clicking the down arrow.
  • Type cd , leave a space , paste the path where you extracted the contents of the ViveTool folder and press Enter . In our case, for example, the command to execute will be:

cd C:UsersrudyaDownloads

  • Up to this point, then paste the following commands:

.ViVeTool.exe addconfig 36898195 2

.ViVeTool.exe addconfig 35908098 2

.ViVeTool.exe addconfig 37204171 2

  • Then press Enter after each of them. The Feature Settings Successfully message is displayed.
  • Reboot your PC.
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Finishing the steps, we will have the new Task Manager enabled in Windows 11.

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