How to Enable Infinite Apple Music Playback in iOS 14?

How to set up a standard iPhone player to play music endlessly instead of stopping after listening to an album or playlist?

One of the useful features of other streaming services was support for endless playback. It allowed you to receive recommendations and continue listening to music even after the playlist or the selected album.

With the update to iOS 14, this feature has appeared in Apple Music.

How to Enable Infinite Play on Apple Music?

1. Click on the mini-player with a playing track at the bottom of the screen.

2. In the lower right corner, select the playlist menu.

3. In the Up Next section, click the endless play button.

After the end of the current collection or playlist, the service will automatically play similar tracks and recommendations.

How to add your tracks to the queue?

During endless playback, you can queue any tracks, albums, or playlists you like. To do this, do the following:

1. Find the desired track, selection, or playlist.

2. Press and hold the selected item (on iPhone with 3D Touch, press firmly on it).

3. In the menu that appears, select Play Next or Bottom of Queue.

The song or songs will be placed in the playlist’s corresponding position and will be displayed in the same place where we enabled endless playback earlier.

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