How to enable battery percentage on MacBook?

In previous Mac OS versions, the battery percentage in the menu bar could be turned on in “System Preferences” – “Energy Saver” by checking the corresponding box at the bottom of the window. However, starting with Mac OS Big Sur, this method will not work, but the method remains the same.

Learn how to enable battery percentage display in the latest Mac OS on your MacBook Pro or Air in this simple tutorial.

Display the battery icon and enable the display of charge percentage in Mac OS!

Click on the Apple logo icon on the latest Mac OS version, open System Preferences, and navigate the Battery section. You can find Show Battery Status in Menu Bar.

However, enabling this item will only display the battery icon in the menu bar with a graphical representation of the charge level, but without specifying its percentage.

To enable the display of battery charge as a percentage, you will need to follow these steps:

  1. Open “System Preferences” (clicking on the icon with the image of an apple in the upper right – select the corresponding menu item).
  2. Go to the “Menu Bar & Dock” section.
  3. Find “Battery” in the list on the left and select it.
  4. Check the items “Show in menu bar” and “Show in percent.”
  5. After that, the battery percentage of your MacBook will immediately start showing in the menu bar.
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If you wish, you can enable the battery icon’s display in the control point using the same settings section. In this case, the charge will be displayed as in the screenshot below.

How to Display Battery Percentage on macOS BigSur Menu Bar | MashTips
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