No wonder you want to download and install Microsoft Excel on your Mac or MacBook. In the end, Excel is one of the most useful programs for creating tables, lists or managing data. It is also undoubtedly one of the most popular spreadsheet programs of all time.

Microsoft Excel has established itself as the software most famous and popular in this field, making its price worth it, especially if you work with figures and numbers on a daily basis.

Currently, Microsoft is available for both Windows and Mac computers.

You may also be interested in knowing how to download Microsoft Office Word for free on your Mac.

How to download Microsoft Excel on Mac

The first thing you will have to keep in mind is that Microsoft Excel is a paid application. And, although it is not excessively cheap, it is also true that if you are going to need it to develop your work, its price is worth it.

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If you want to buy the single application you will have to pay € 135. To do this you just have to access the Microsoft official website. The purchase of this application can be used for both a PC or a Mac, being compatible with Windows 10 and macOS. All languages ​​are also included, in case you want to change it.

Now, if you also want to use other Microsoft applications, it is best to get the entire Office suite.

How to buy entire Microsoft 365 package

You can buy Office in two versions: for home and for business. The option of Microsoft 365 Family includes the following options:

  • Microsoft 365 Family: you will get six accounts to use on six different devices. It includes the applications of Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Publisher or Acces. This will cost you € 99 per year or € 10 per month for a year.
  • Microsoft 365 Personal: you will get a single account. It includes the same programs as the previous option, but in this case the price is reduced to € 69 per year or € 7 per month for a year.
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In case you need to buy Office for businessYou will also have to choose from different options with different prices. You have a standard account, a premium account and one with the essentials. In this case you will pay a price per user per month, so everything will depend on the number of licenses you need.

How to get Microsoft Excel for free

As we have explained above, Microsoft Excel is a paid application. However, Microsoft offers you the possibility to try its program for free for a month. So if you only need to use the software for a job or for a certain period of time, this may be the most recommended option for you.

To do this, simply visit the Microsoft website and click on the ‘Free Trial’ button. Of course, if you change your mind, remember before the trial period ends to cancel your subscription or your account will be charged.

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