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How to download Disney Plus on your Smart TV

In this article we will explain in detail how to download Disney Plus on your Smart TV, whether you need it on your Android TV, Samsung or other kinds of manufacturers.

We are going to proceed to explain the steps you must follow, to achieve download Disney Plus on your Smart TV, in the same native operating system of your smart TV Smart TV. We will focus on some systems, especially on the High-end Smart TV, since many of the lower ranges do not have the option to download this application. So yesFollow the steps that we bring to you below:

Download Disney Plus on your Samsung Smart TV with Tizen

We will explain to you in detail how to download Disney Plus on your Smart TV, but yes, only on those Samsung televisions that use Tizen as their operating system.

Disney Plus on your Samsung Smart TV

On the other hand, you must bear in mind that our steps may change depending on each model; but in general these steps will not change much.

  • After turning on your Smart TV, you only need to press the “Home” button on the remote control.
  • Commonly, the application downloads by itself, if not, follow our steps below.
  • When you are in the menu, you must click on the apps section to access the list of applications.
  • Once you are in the list of applications, you just have to search for Disney +.
  • Once you are in the file of said application, you just have to click on the “download” button.

Download Disney Plus on televisions that have Android Smart TV

Now we will explain how to download Disney Plus on Smart TV with Android, such as those Xiaomi or Sony brand televisions; Although some models may have changed some options, these are basically the same.

Disney Plus on televisions with Android Smart TV
  • It is possible that this application will appear in the featured section, but in the event that this is not the case, you will be able to follow all these steps.
  • In the same applications of the home screen, you only have to enter the App Store.
  • While inside, look for Disney +, maybe it will appear in the same recommendations.
  • Now you just need to start downloading Disney +, to be able to enjoy the Streaming platform.

Download Disney Plus on Smart TVs that have Apple TV

We are going to give you the inflation about how you can download Disney Plus on Smart TV, using the Apple TV device that can be connected to any of the devices manufactured by the same Manzana.

Disney Plus on your Apple TV

It should be noted that it has its own operating system, and below you can see the steps to use it in the best way.

  • After turning on the television, you must click on the “menu” button on the remote.
  • When you see the recommendations on the main menu, you just have to enter the app store.
  • Once you are in that option, you will see Disney + in featured apps.
  • Now you just have to download and enjoy everything that Disney offers for you.
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