Feeling generous but don’t want to fill out long donation forms? Through Alexa Donations, you can easily donate to select charities. All you need is Amazon Pay and a simple voice command to make a little difference in the world.

What You Should Know About Alexa Donations

The Alexa Donate to Charity feature cannot process donations directly from credit card issuers or registered cards that are not linked to the Amazon Pay platform. Unless you have your Amazon account payment information, no transaction can be completed.

Additionally, Amazon charges a transaction fee of 2.2% of each donation along with an authorization fee of $ 0.30. This means that $ 2.50 is assessed for every $ 100 donation to the charity of your choice. Other donation processors, such as Charity Navigator, They charge lower transaction fees, ensuring that more of your donation goes to the intended recipient.

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How to donate to your favorite charity using Alexa

To get started donating to your favorite charity using Alexa, download the Amazon Alexa app from the App Store from Apple for iPhone or from Google Play Store for Android .

Once downloaded, visit to make sure you have a default credit card registered on Amazon Pay. All Amazon account holders are automatically enrolled in Amazon Pay without having to register separately.

From there, open the app or access any Alexa-enabled device and say, “Alexa, make a donation to [nombre de la organización benéfica]».

Alexa will ask “How much do you want to donate?” If it is below $ 5, Alexa will ask you to choose a donation amount between $ 5 and $ 200.

Once you enter the donation amount, Alexa will ask you to confirm the donation. If you say “Yes”, Alexa will proceed to donate using the default credit card registered in your Amazon Pay account. If you say “No”, Alexa will confirm that you will not make your donation.

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What charities accept donations with Alexa?

For a list of all the charities that use Alexa, visit Alexa Donations .

As of this writing in August 2021, there are over 380 eligible charities accepting voice donations. Some of the most popular include the American Heart Association, the Cancer Research Institute, and the American Red Cross. There are even more lesser-known charities available, such as Fast Act (Friends Advancing Summit Schools track and cross-country teams) and Arizona Small Dog Rescue.

To search for charities, use the search bar at the top of the Alexa donation page.

How do I see my donations?

To see all your charitable transactions, simply log in to with your Amazon login credentials and view all your purchases under the “Orders” tab. Unfortunately, Amazon doesn’t separate regular orders (household items, for example) and donations, so you may need to do a little preliminary work to get your donation history back for tax purposes.

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A neat way to donate with Alexa

Alexa’s charitable giving feature is a great way to make donations quickly. With over 300 charities supported, there is no shortage of good causes to answer for. You no longer need to fill out forms on the charity website. Simply have an Amazon Pay account, an Alexa-enabled device, and a quick wake-up word will put dollars in for your favorite cause.

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