How to distinguish the original iPhone 6 case from a copy?

It is not easy to distinguish an original case from a good copy: even biased users will agree that “Chinese” covers are capable of repeating all the subtleties of the original, right down to the click of the keys. However, there are a few minor but noticeable differences that will help determine the case’s real origin.

If you want to avoid risks, you should contact the service center to straighten and replace the housing. MacPlus only works with AAA + cases, and every batch is subject to additional testing to ensure the best quality for our customers.

How to distinguish the original iPhone 6 case from a copy?

Choosing the original iPhone 6 case, the user should be aware of all the subtleties of such a solution: Apple spare parts are not available commercially, which is why any components – whether they are cases, batteries, or cables – are either a copy or a “refurbished” (in other words, removed from a faulty device) spare part.

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Of course, you are buying an iPhone 6 case, the original looks like a more attractive solution than a copy, which pushes users to choose the latter option. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to rely on the seller’s honesty; To reduce your risks before purchasing a case, you can use a couple of simple tips.

Internal and external differences

When ordering components from the Internet, pay attention to the photo of the cover. The original cases can be distinguished by the presence of black adhesive tape on the insert with the Apple logo and foam inserts at the top of the lid.

original iPhone 6 case

While this figure is not a complete guarantee, “Chinese” manufacturers rarely copy these components. 

how to distinguish the original iphone 6 case

The second way is to check the facets on the speaker and microphone holes. As you can see in the picture above, the original silver case has a distinctive brushed finish, while the holes on the replica have a matte finish.

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Should you pay extra for the original?

At first glance, the original case looks like the best option. This solution also has its drawbacks: since the actual cases are mostly removed from faulty devices, at a comparable or higher price, they can have scuffs and minor scratches.

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