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How to disable automatic brightness on Android

Light sensors have made it possible for Android phone screens automatically adjust the brightness to suit your surroundings. This is useful, but not perfect. We will show you how to turn it off and control the brightness manually.

Most Android devices these days call automatic brightness “Adaptive Brightness.” It not only uses the light sensor to adapt to its surroundings, it can also learn your habits. If you always lower the brightness at a specific time of day, it will start to do it for you.

However, all this autotuning can get annoying at times. Maybe you just want to set the brightness and keep it there. We will show you how to do it.

First, swipe down from the top of the screen, once or twice, depending on your device, and tap the gear icon to go to Settings.

Scroll down and select the “Display” section.

Please select

Turn off the ‘Adaptive brightness’ option here.

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That’s it! Now when you adjust the brightness it will stay at the level you set until you change it again. Actually, this may be a good trick for maximize battery life . You may find that you can tolerate a lower brightness level than what is set by auto brightness.

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