How to deploy macOS on a USB stick or external hard drive?

Don’t want to litter the main macOS with disposable, useless programs? Running out of hard disk space? Not sure about the Source of the program and don’t want to ruin the system? Then this article is for you. This article will show you how to deploy macOS on an external hard drive or USB stick.

I find it better to have a spare system than not. There are a lot of applications. So let’s get started. Some craftsmen create images from already installed macOS. After downloading such an image, you do not need to waste time installing the system. Just deploy it to a USB flash drive or external hard drive.

Open the disk utility, select the partition to which we want to burn macOS, open the Restore tab. Flash drive must be at least 8GB!

We select the image of our macOS as Source. We transfer our section from the left column to the Destination line (mine is 2ndMacOS).

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Click the Restore button and wait for the image to unpack to the USB flash drive. Once unboxed, you should have a Mountain Lion HD icon on your desktop.

Reboot, hold down Alt at boot.

Pick Mountain Lion HD and wait a bit. All that remains for us is to complete the initial setup.

After downloading, you will see the usual macOS. By the way, you can take it with you and quickly run it from other MacBooks, iMacs.

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