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How to delete Windows 10 History

The Windows 10 history is known for being a compilation of all your activities on the computer and in the cloud, which would be from the browsing history to the information of the same location.

But that you should not worry, since the same Microsoft It offers you the option of seeing each and every one of the data that is stored, in addition to the option of being able to delete them.

How to easily clear Windows 10 History
How to easily clear Windows 10 History

In this post we are going to explore the Windows 10 history, and how Microsoft manages to store all your data while you are multitasking on your computer.

But the question would be, what data exactly does Microsoft store? Well, if you want to know in depth, this is the article for you. Regarding your privacy if you use Windows 10 it is an extensive topic, since Microsoft to help the migration of its users to Windows 10, created a series of new functions.

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Many users have come to the conclusion that Windows 10 is not good for our privacy, but there are several tools that will help you monitor and adjust your data and their privacy.

Do you want to know more about the Windows 10 history, And how does it save all your information while you are on the computer?

Well, calm, in this post we have grouped important information, which will be of great help to discover and then delete your Windows 10 history.

What data does the Windows 10 history track and save?

You must bear in mind that if you use Microsoft’s HealthVault or the Microsoft Band device, they also store your activity through that service.

Although, Microsoft made it very clear that they collect all that information to provide more relevant results, in addition to displaying content that is truly useful.

Regarding the Windows 10 history, Below we show you what it collects and can show you.

  • Cortana voice commands.
  • Data about your location if it is enabled).
  • Bing browsing history.
  • Browsing history of Edge.
  • I use the same Windows 10 in terms of timeline.
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In the event that you no longer want Windows to be able to save all this information, then you must follow the steps that we will show you below.

Learn to remove the Windows 10 history, all in a few easy steps.

Learn How To Delete Windows 10 History Regarding Activities

You will be able to observe all the data that Microsoft stores, in addition to also being able to eliminate them, you will have two ways in your favor, which are:

  • From the configuration of your own computer.
  • From your own account again offered by Microsoft.

In case you want to delete your Windows 10 history, you will do it easily by following the steps below.

Step 1:

To proceed to do it on your computer, you must click on the settings button in the start menu.

Then you just have to click on the “Privacy” option.

Learn how to clear Windows 10 activity history!
Learn how to clear Windows 10 activity history!

Step 2:

In the left bar you must select the Windows 10 activity history.

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Search in privacy settings "Activity history"
Search in the privacy settings «Activity history»

Step 3:

In the option to delete activity history, you just have to click on the button Delete / Clean.

And ready! You will see that these simple steps will erase the Windows 10 history, from the account on the computer you are currently using.

How to disable the Windows 10 activity history option

To disable the option of Windows 10 history, You just have to access the activity history page as you did in the previous steps.

Once you are inside, you just have to uncheck the option to “save my activity history on this device”, this prevents Windows itself from remembering what you did in your timeline.

Then proceed to uncheck the option to “send my activity history to Microsoft”, you will no longer have to worry about it Windows 10 history.

What did you think of this post? Follow all our steps and recommendations and we assure you that everything will work out perfectly.

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