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How to delete large folders in Windows

On many occasions when we proceed to eliminate large folders in Windows, We may notice that the process takes much longer than expected to complete.

Let’s give you a quick example, suppose you want to delete some large folders in Windows 30 gigabytes in size, and also has 140,000 files and 350 folders.

Delete large folders in Windows
Delete large folders in Windows

This action could take several minutes to complete correctly, if done through the Windows Explorer.

But the question would be why is this happening? It is due to the fact that Windows itself executes certain calculations that in themselves could take some time to be carried out. After all this, when the actual deletion is carried out, Windows analyzes this entire process and shows you updates in the file operation window.

We must take into account an important point, the process of eliminating large folders in Windows it could take a total of ten to twenty minutes to be exact. Of course and this would be so to do it from the device explorer in Windows; although there are other options that you can use to delete these folders.

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In this post, we have grouped several options for you so that you can eliminate all those large folders in Windows without any problem, quickly and efficiently.

Follow our steps and recommendations, so that this entire process leads you to the elimination of all those large folders that we have in Windows.

Learn how to delete large folders in Windows in just a few steps

If you run commands so that you can remove large folders in Windows from the command line, instead of doing all this process with the Windows explorer; you will see that everything is done much faster.

Note that all the action will only need up to 25% less time than the same operation requires when executed through the browser.

It should be noted that the disadvantages regarding this method is that it requires the use of command lines.

The ideal would be to add the commands to the contextual menu of the same explorer, in this way it is possible to execute it directly from it.

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As for the commands we will need to remove large folders in Windows they are DEL; to delete files and Rmdir, to remove directories, among others …

Follow the steps that we will show you below, remember to follow them to the letter so that everything goes well for you.

Delete large folders in Windows
Delete large folders in Windows

Step 1:

For the first step you will have to press the Windows key on your computer, proceed to write cmd.exe and select the result to be able to load what would be the command prompt.

Step 2:

Go to large folders in Windows that you want to delete, remember that all this will be done with its files and subfolders; make use of cd patch.

For example, cd or: backups test to be able to do it correctly.

Step 3:

Use the DEL / F / Q / S * command. *> NUL in order to remove all files from folders, and also remember that you should skip the output that improves this process.

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Step 4:

Use cd so you can navigate the main folder later.

Step 5:

You must execute the command RMDIR / Q / S folder name, in this way you will be eliminating the entire folder and its subfolders.

How can you figure out the steps you must follow to remove large folders on windows They are very easy, do not require a lot of time and generate great results.

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