Notifications are one of the main reasons people use smartphones, so you need to make sure they work well. You can customize the notification sound for all notifications , but what about the individual apps? We will show you how it works for Android.

Taking the time to do this can greatly enhance your experience. You will know by sound which application the notification comes from. If it’s not an important app, you can save yourself some time and ignore it. Let us begin.

First, swipe down from the top of the screen, once or twice, depending on your device, and tap the gear icon to go to Settings.

Then select “Applications and notifications” or simply “Applications”.


You may need to expand the entire list of apps to see the one you want. Touch «See all apps from [número]»Or« Application settings ».


Now we can select the application to customize the sound of the notification.

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Select the application to customize.

Select “Notifications”.

Please select

Now we are seeing the » Notification channels »From Android . These are all the different types of notifications that the app can make. Touch the one you want to customize the sound.

Select a notification channel.

Scroll down and select “Sound”.

Please select

You will now see a list of notification sounds to choose from. Tapping one of the sounds will play a preview. The sound selection screen will look very different from device to device.

Touch a sound to preview

Once you’ve found a sound you like, tap “Save” or “Apply” to finish.

Tap the button

Now whenever a notification comes in from that app, you will hear that sound instead of the default toast notification sound. You can do this for as many applications as you want. It will be much easier to know which apps are bothering you without looking!

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