If you ever received an email that requested a meeting or a conference call, you will appreciate this built-in Gmail feature. You can select an email you receive and create an event in Google Calendar directly from the message.

Perhaps you received an email from a customer that you and your coworkers should discuss. Perhaps you received a list of project tasks that you and your team need to review. Or maybe you received an email from your boss justifying a one-on-one.

The advantage of this feature is that Google includes people in the email as event attendees and places the text of the message in the event description. All you have to do is save it and go!

Note: As of this writing in September 2021, the feature is only available on the Gmail website, not the mobile app.

Schedule an event from a Gmail message

You can set up an event from an email in Gmail, whether you’re viewing it in your inbox or have the message open in its own window.

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In the toolbar at the top, click on More (three dots) and select “Create Event”.

Select Create event

A new tab will open in your browser to the event details screen in Google Calendar. You will see the event scheduled for the current date with the next hour or half hour as the start time. And you will notice that other items are already configured for you.

  • Event title : email subject line
  • Description of the event : email body
  • Guests : People included in the email

Gmail Google Calendar Event

As with any other Google Calendar event you create, you can edit this one. Change the date, time, title, description, and add or remove attendees. It can also include a location, add a notification , set visibility and attach a file .

With everything set up and ready to go, hit “Save” at the top and optionally send invitation emails to your guests.

Send message of invitations to events

The ability to create an event from an email in Gmail is one of those convenience features. Instead of organizing a meeting or getting together by manually entering all the details, you can start using this feature.

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Also can schedule an event directly from Google Chat if you and your team use the app to communicate!

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