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How to configure Google Maps – Computer Culture

Configure Google Maps It is not such a difficult task if you follow each of our steps, since in this way you can be more attentive to the things and areas that are of your complete interest. On the other hand, we can also have the option of achieving much more personalized results in the same news tab, or failing that to explore.

It should be noted that the steps to proceed to configure Google Maps are the same on both devices Android as in iOS, so you should not worry about this point. After proceeding with these configurations, you will be able to have access to the recommendations of many areas close to your location, and not so close to it.

Google maps
Google maps

Besides this, configure Google Maps It also offers you the option to choose the things of your preference or shops that are more to your liking, without more to say, Google maps will offer you better and more accurate recommendations.

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Do you want to know about how you can configure Google Maps? For that, you will have to continue reading this post in depth.

Proceed to manage your tastes in the same Google Maps

To start configure Google Maps, The first thing you should do is enter the same Google Maps application, once there you just have to click on your profile photo; This is located on the right in the search bar to open the options menu.

configure google maps
Manage Google Maps zones

In order to enter the configuration option, you will have to click on the settings option.

After you are in the settings, you will only have two options to configure your preferences.

You can do it by entering Manage your preferences and Manage your zones. You must keep in mind that the first option is for the type of things, and the second to manage some areas or localities.

If you click on the option to Manage your preferences, you will go to a page where you will be briefly explained in detail about this functionality.

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Here, you will only have to click on the option I am interested in to go on to configure everything, if you follow these steps it will not be difficult at all Manage Google Maps.

Then what should be done to proceed to configure Google Maps?

After completing the steps I mentioned above, it will take you to the page I’m interested in, or whatever you have chosen.

configure google maps
Manage Google Maps interests

At this point, you will be able to see the sites and interests that are to your liking, and in the event that you don’t like any of them, you can delete them. In addition, you will also have the option to click on the Add topic button to put more things that are of interest to the list.

When you press the Add theme option, you go to a screen that has an index of the preferences that you can configure in your account.

Besides that, configure Google Maps offers you the option through a search engine to find them manually. Here, you can choose the preferences you want and then just click on Manage preferences, the button that you have below all the options.

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configure google maps
Manage Google Maps preferences

If in the settings we click on the option “Manage your zones”, you will go directly to a screen.

While there, you will be able to see the lists of areas that you have marked and that are of interest to you, and those that you have marked as not. In each type of zone, you will have an “Add zone” button to choose those that interest you or those that do not.

When you click on “Add area” you will only have to move and also change the zoom of the same map to locate the area within the box and click on it.

Thus, we proceed to add this selected area to our list, of those areas that are to our complete satisfaction.

How could you have realized set up Google maps It is not a difficult task, much less when you follow each of our steps.

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