How to configure a different zoom level on each Safari website

Web designers have a very clear idea of ​​how their work should be displayed on your screen. With the growth in popularity of “adaptive layout” in recent years, most pages automatically adjust font and graphics and resize their layout to fit the screen of your browser or the device you are using.

You should be able to read, navigate, and interact with a web page without having to make any configuration changes. That adaptive layout means that the page uses certain styles and even JavaScript to fit the dimensions of the window.

Unfortunately, designers probably have better eyesight than many of us who use the pages they create, which causes some websites to end up showing too small a font.

I’m sure you’ve experienced something like this on more than one occasion like me, that I have to squint and get closer to the screen to see the letter on the page or understand a symbol.

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Surely you know that you can use certain keyboard shortcuts in Safari for macOS (and other browsers) to resize the contents of a page to be larger or smaller.

Hit ‘Command’ + ‘-‘ to make everything smaller than 100% scale. Press ‘Command’ + ‘+’ to make everything bigger. Hit ‘Command’ + ‘0’ to return it to its original size, or whatever it’s called in the adaptive design world.

What you might not know, however, is that Safari uses zoom preferences in such a way that it allows you to modify them later and adjust to a generic default setting.

Go to ‘Safari’> ‘Preferences’> ‘Websites’ and click on ‘Zoom’. Here you will see a list of the zoom percentage of each website that you have open in a tab or window, as well as the custom zooms configured for other web pages.

You can also use the floating menu ‘When visiting other websites’ to change the default zoom for each web page you visit.

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Apple offers another type of zoom as part of its accessibility features that may confuse you because the keyboard shortcuts are almost the same.

The ‘Accessibility’ zoom enlarges the entire screen above 100%. Press ‘Command’ + ‘Option’ + ‘=’ to increase the screen and ‘Command’ + ‘Option’ + ‘-‘ to decrease it. The minimum is 100%.

The ‘Zoom’ section in the ‘Accessibility’ preferences panel offers more customization options.

Resize Safari on macOS

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