How to completely uninstall a program from Mac?

Some programs, iStat, for example, create a bunch of files in different directories during installation. A simple removal of the iStat program from the menu will not lead to anything. The program will also run along with your computer and hang in the top panel. Read this article to learn how to uninstall programs from your Mac completely.

I already wrote about the CleanMyMac program. Then it was the first version. Now I will use the second one, which came out not so long ago. We go into the program and open the Uninstaller tab.

How to completely uninstall a program from Mac

Here we see a list of our programs. Select, for example, iStat and see that you need to delete 2 folders and 4 files. Agree that it is quite difficult to find all these files on your own. Press the Uninstall button, and that’s it. It won’t bother you anymore. Speaking of Clean My Mac, it found one and a half gigabytes of unnecessary files on me and successfully deleted them in the first run. I do not know if he deleted something superfluous =)

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How to completely uninstall a program from Mac

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