One of the most annoying changes Microsoft introduced in Windows 11 was to be able to change the default browsersince the procedure to do it was quite annoying, which benefited the company, since most users simply stayed with Edge.

But after numerous complaints from users and developers, it seems that Microsoft has solved this problem, since now we will allow you to easily change the default browser in Windows 11 with a single click.

How to easily change the default browser in Windows 11
How to easily change the default browser in Windows 11

How to change the default browser in Windows 11

Precisely, Microsoft has just released the optional cumulative update Windows 11 KB5011563 in which a large number of errors have been corrected but new functions have also been introduced that will improve the user experience, such as the one that we are going to show next.

Here we explain to you how to change default browser in windows 11 after installing the latest Windows 11 update:

  • Install the browser of your choice.
  • Open the Settings app (Win + I) and go to Apps -> Default Apps .
  • Find your browser in the list of applications and open it.
  • Click the button set as default.
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However, one thing must be made quite clear: change default browser in windows 11 using the app Setting updated does not affect specific formats, for example, Microsoft Edge will remain the default app for opening PDF, SHTML, SVG, FTP, and other web-related files.

For its part, Microsoft, although it will provide you with the possibility of changing the default browser in your new Windows, will always try in every way that you use Edge as the default option when you decide to surf the Internet.

Finally, remember that in order to have access to the new configurationyou must have installed on your PC the new build of windows 11although we also have to warn you that if you install it and your device does not have the hardware, a notice will appear on your desktop.

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